The Cancer Institute offers annual internal funding opportunities specifically for cancer research projects. UAMS additionally offers a variety of internal funding opportunities that are available, but not restricted to, cancer researchers. External funding opportunities of note to cancer researchers may also be highlighted in this section.

Seeds of Science Cancer Research Grants

RFP to be released Fall 2017

About Seeds of Science

In 2009, a group of community and business leaders formed the Envoys to advocate on behalf of the Winthrop P. Rockefeller Cancer Institute. The Envoys are organized under the umbrella of the Cancer Institute’s Foundation Fund. Funds raised by the Envoys support the Seeds of Science Award which provides pilot funding for cancer-related research that has the potential to develop into extramurally-funded, scientifically significant research projects. Each award provides $10,000 of support.

Eligibility. Applicants must be UAMS faculty and professionals in their field with an advanced degree (e.g. MD, PhD, MPH). Applicants must have a UAMS faculty appointment. Graduate students, residents and fellows are not eligible to apply. While all eligible faculty are encouraged to apply, priority will be given to: (1) junior investigators, and (2) mid-career or more senior investigators who are changing the focus of their research. Previous awardees may apply for an additional year of funding, but must provide significant justification for ongoing funding. Awardees from prior years may also apply, either with a new project proposal or to fund an ongoing project.

2017 Seeds of Science grant recipients.

2017 Seeds of Science research grant recipients Ping-Ching Hsu, Ph.D.; Gunnar Boysen, Ph.D.; and Antino Allen, Ph.D.

Rivkin Center for Ovarian Cancer

RFP Released September 5, 2017; Application Deadlines vary.

The Rivkin Center out of Seattle, WA offers multiple streams of funding to support ovarian cancer across the country. Please follow the link for current requests for eligibility, (varies with grant type) applications, guidelines, and forms.

College of Medicine Intramural Grant Program

Awards are made only to full-time faculty members (including VA appointments) of the College of Medicine who are at the rank of instructor or above. Fellows, postdocs, and individuals in temporary positions are not eligible. Individuals at the level of instructor require a letter from the department Chairperson confirming that the individual is not in a temporary position and that the department intends to develop the individual as a faculty member. Recipients may hold only one College of Medicine intramural Grant at a time. Individual programs have additional eligibility requirements that are described below. Eligible faculty members may submit only one application per deadline on which they are Principal Investigator.  Learn More