These services offered to you as a patient at the UAMS Cancer Institute.

Nutrition Services

Proper nutrition is an important part of cancer treatment.  Our oncology dietitian will provide you with expertise in food and nutrition and can give individual recommendations based on your diagnosis to make the most of the foods you eat before, during and after cancer treatment.  Learn More


By speaking to a pharmacist, patients and their families can gain a better understanding of the medications they have been prescribed and the possible side effects and interactions they could experience.  Learn More

Pastoral Care

Chaplains are available 24 hours a day to provide spiritual and emotional support to patients, family members and friends experiencing a cancer diagnosis.  Learn More

Social Workers

Cancer affects not only the patient but also everyone close to him or her. The Cancer Institute social workers are available to you and your support system throughout your time with us. If you would like to speak to a social worker, call 501-603-1612 or talk to your nurse.  Learn More


Cancer Institute patients and family members are invited to participate in the UAMS Community Fitness Program or take part in our weekly yoga program.  Learn More