November 3, 2010

Eileen Osbourne | Multiple Myeloma Survivor

Eileen Osbourne Multiplie Myeloma Survivor

“I thought I had pulled a muscle in my back, so I was seeing a family practice doctor who started treating me for osteoporosis. He moved away and my new doctor immediately said that I didn’t have osteoporosis and diagnosed me with multiple myeloma. My oncologist in South Carolina said that I needed to get to UAMS for treatment. He thought I only had about a year and a half to live. That was in 2005.

Before we came to Little Rock for the first time, 300 people from my church came to visit me at our house. I got 450 cards from my family and friends that I still have to this day.

The support I had was unbelievable. For my first visit, we brought eight people with us in a motor home. I don’t know how anyone makes it without support.

My husband, Willie, has been my foundation. He goes with me everywhere and is the most important person to me.

My sister, Hesba, has come with me every time and stayed the whole time. She’s been a tremendous help.

I’ve been in remission since July 2006 and come back once a year for check-ups. I depended on the Lord and my family for support. It was a miracle that it all worked out.”

Eileen Osbourne
Multiple myeloma survivor
Florence, S.C.