December 9, 2010

Deb Darley | Multiple Myeloma

Deb Darley Multiple=
“In March 2010, I had six fractures in my vertebrae and was in unbelievable pain. I was diagnosed with myeloma in my hometown and the doctor told me I might live until July. He ordered hospice for me. 

My daughter and I weren’t willing to accept that prognosis. We found out about the Myeloma Institute on the Internet and contacted them. Everyone was so helpful and wonderfully nice. We arrived in Little Rock in April, stayed for two weeks, went home for a little while and then came back. 

In my early days of treatment, I developed pneumonia and spent 11 days in the hospital, but they were still able to collect enough stem cells to do my first transplant. It was really remarkable. 

I had a second stem cell transplant and was told in September that I had no measurable cancer. It’s awe inspiring. I’m a Christian, and I believe that God has a plan for our lives. He has been with me every step of the way. 

Starting last August, I woke up each day realizing that this was a day that I was initially told I would never see. The gift of a day is so precious. I want to live grateful for every moment. 

The Seed of Hope ceremony was incredibly significant to me. I feel like I’ve graduated! Now I’m looking forward to living normally again.”

Deb Darley
Multiple myeloma survivor
Peachtree City, Ga.