December 1, 2010

Kelly Pollnow | Breast Cancer Survivor

Kelly Pollnow Breast Cancer Survivor

“At 33, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. She lost her battle at 36 years old. I was just 14. My bi-annual mammograms/scariest-days-of-my-life began in my 20s. When UAMS upgraded to digital mammography, I transferred here.

Dr. Fincher saw spots that were questionable and ordered a biopsy. Yes, those dreaded words – I had breast cancer. All the fears became reality – would my daughter grow up without me? Within a matter of days, I was under the care of Dr. Henry-Tillman and my bi-lateral mastectomies were scheduled.

December 21, 2004, is a Christmas I will never forget, for that is the day I became cancer free.

Because of the amazing technology and staff at UAMS, my cancer was diagnosed so early that chemotherapy and radiation were not required! I went through reconstruction in the months to follow and am here to say that because of UAMS, I got to see my daughter marry and she will soon graduate from UAMS’ medical diagnostic sonography school.  I am now looking forward to someday playing with some grandchildren!

Fear can be debilitating, but UAMS replaced that in my life with hope. Never give up! Early detection is the key!”

Kelly Pollnow
Breast cancer survivor
Avilla, Ark.