December 9, 2010

Sandra McAdams | Breast Cancer Survivor

Sandra McAdams Breast Cancer Survivor
“In September 2009, I felt a knot in my breast. I went for a mammogram and was told everything was fine. That’s when I told them that I could feel a knot and that I wanted them to check it. I had an ultrasound and a biopsy and was diagnosed with breast cancer. 

I was lucky because we found it early. It was very small and hadn’t spread to my lymph nodes. 

I went to a surgeon in private practice, and my daughters and I asked her which oncologist she recommended. She said that I should see Dr. Laura Hutchins at UAMS.

I had six chemo treatments at the Cancer Institute and was told on Dec. 8, 2010, that I was in remission. It’s just wonderful!”

Sandra McAdams
Breast cancer survivor
Judsonia, Ark.