March 9, 2011

Lavola Whisenhunt | Colorectal Cancer

Lavola Whisenhunt Colorectal cancer survivor

“During a routine colonoscopy in February 2010 the doctor discovered that I had cancer. I had surgery in Hot Springs last June to remove eight inches of my colon. Then I asked to be referred to UAMS for radiation and chemo. I have always heard such good things about UAMS, and I know people come here from all over the world for treatment.

Dr. Govin ordered 25 radiation treatments followed by chemo. I appreciate his ability and the training that he had in order to know the best treatment for me. Today he said that I can start putting my life back to normal. I’m looking forward to starting my life over again.”

Lavola Whisenhunt
Colorectal cancer survivor
Caddo Gap, Ark.