April 22, 2011

Travis McClure | Myxoid Liposcarcoma Survivor

Myxoid liposcarcoma survivor
“Five years ago I had a small knot in my thigh that became a large knot in just about three weeks. I went to my doctor, who sent me to a doctor in Hot Springs. That doctor wanted me to see a specialist at UAMS, so he referred me to Dr. Richard Nicholas.

I came in on a Friday for tests and Dr. Nicholas explained that I had a malignant soft tissue tumor in my leg. I told him that I didn’t want to know any other details about it until I was back for my five-year check up.

I had surgery the following Monday where Dr. Nicholas removed 50 percent of the muscle in my upper thigh. Two weeks later, he told me that the cancer had been successfully removed and I wouldn’t need chemo.

By that time, I was walking with crutches and was already back on my job as a contractor.

Today I returned for my five-year check up, and Dr. Nicholas told me all of the details about my condition, just like we had agreed at my first visit.”

Travis McClure
Myxoid liposcarcoma survivor
Glenwood, Ark.