April 7, 2011

J’s friend, Janet

J, a multiple myeloma patient, participated in a clinical trial with Dr. Barlogie. Every time I would visit with him, his words were about the amazing care he was receiving from the care team.

Traveling back and forth from Jonesboro for treatment with his wife and the daily routine of number counts, etc. never dampened his spirit. He was able to see his new grandbaby — his namesake — and while treatments were difficult, he made a home with the help of the Ronald McDonald House while in Little Rock, a haven in itself.

As a cancer survivor, I know how the many hugs, reassurances and state-of-the-art treatment can give one the strength to hang on. Thanks so much for giving J many, many days of comfort and gently ushering him into Heaven’s arms.

—     Story submitted by J’s friend, Janet