July 27, 2011

Martha Stewart | Lymphoepithelioma survivor

Martha Stewart Uterine Cancer
“I knew something was wrong because I had bad headaches. My left eye started crossing too, but it was mostly just headaches.

I went to my eye doctor and he said my eyes were fine and sent me to a neurologist where they did a scan and caught it. Then I went to an ear, nose and throat clinic and they sent me to UAMS.

When I first started coming to UAMS it was in 1982. Dr. James Suen was my doctor, and I did seven weeks of radiation because we couldn’t do surgery.

Then in 1997, I had another tumor in the side of my neck, and Dr. Randall Breau did surgery to remove it. So I’ve been in remission since 1997.

I’ve been coming to UAMS for 29 years. They were all wonderful, the nurses and the doctors both. They take so much time with you, answer every question and help you any way they can. I had a great experience coming to UAMS.

If you’ve just been diagnosed you will have dark days, but there will be better ones. Just keep the faith and the hope alive. I want to thank everyone who was involved with my care.”

Martha Stewart
Lymphoepithelioma survivor
Cabot, Ark.