July 29, 2011

Nancy Mason from Phil Mason

We caregivers although probably never understanding the real suffering our family member is going through we walk in there shoes.  We bond with people from all over the world who share what becomes another family for us.

We have lost some great new family members but on a whole we have seen the importance of cutting edge technology at this place called UAMS.  We mention to people we are in treatment in Little Rock and the typical answer is why Little Rock and proudly we tell them because it is the number 1 place in the world for treatment of Multiple Myeloma.

My wife who is in complete remission and her Seeds of Hope ceremony was last week and she proudly shows her seed to everyone.  She has been under the care of Dr. Bijay Nair since we arrived in Little Rock in August of 2010.  What a blessing to have found this place called UAMS.