August 2, 2011

Debbie Flowers | Uterine Cancer Survivor

Debbie Flowers | Uterine Cancer
“I had already gone through menopause, and I started bleeding again so I thought it wasn’t right. That started in September, and in March I decided to get it checked out.

My doctor in Conway, Ark. did a biopsy that came back abnormal so she sent me to Dr. Pamela Stone at UAMS. She said the Dr. Stone was the best doctor here for me.

Dr. Stone took everything out and examined it in the operating room. It was just a tumor about the size of a dime. It was noninvasive and wasn’t attached to my uterus. There was no other cancer.

Two weeks later I went back, and I was cured. I’ve been in remission since June 27.

You know your body more than anyone else does. If you know something is not right, you should keep pursuing it until you find out the problem.

I would say the main thing to get you through is to have good faith.”

Debbie Flowers
Uterine cancer survivor
Center Ridge, Ark.