August 25, 2011

Nancy S. Mason | Multiple Myeloma & Thyroid Cancer Survivor

Nancy Mason Multiple Myeloma & Thyroid Cancer Survivor

“I scheduled a visit with my doctor because I had a pain in my leg that wouldn’t get better. I had a PET scan and found out I had multiple myeloma lesions on my femur, and I had thyroid cancer too. I was diagnosed on Dec. 28, 2009.

I went to my oncologist here in Knoxville and he started treating me, but the thyroid cancer became a major problem.

I got that taken care of and then went to UAMS to treat the myeloma. I knew I was at the right place. My time here has been wonderful. My doctor has been kind and understanding, I couldn’t ask for a better doctor. All the nurses were very helpful and caring.

At the infusion centers and clinics we bonded with so many great people and families that will be lifetime friends.

I’ve been in remission since the first of the year. The doctor said I am in complete remission, and I’ve been doing a happy dance since then.

It was a tough journey, but I’m blessed.”

Nancy S. Mason
Multiple myeloma and thyroid cancer survivor
Knoxville, Tenn.

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