September 28, 2011

Harry Foltz | Liposarcoma Survivor

Harry Foltz Liposarcoma survivor
“Cancer never really changed my perspective on life, it just made me appreciate it more.

I was first diagnosed with cancer in Fort Smith five years ago, and I came to UAMS thinking I had a terminal disease.

One of the biggest comforts throughout my cancer treatment experience was Dr. Nicholas.  He told me I have a very good chance at beating cancer and assured me he would do all he could to treat me.

Dr. Nicholas is a very skilled doctor and after my procedure I didn’t even have a limp, even though they thought I would.

I want to let anyone recently diagnosed with cancer to know that it is not a death sentence. There have been tremendous strides in treatment, and it can and will get better.”

Harry Foltz
Liposarcoma survivor
Fort Smith, Ark.