October 10, 2011

Larry Cheney | Esophageal and Colon Cancer Survivor

Esophageal and colon cancer survivor
“I am a two-time cancer survivor. In 1997 I was diagnosed with colon cancer and was treated in Memphis.

Then, in 2010 it got to where I couldn’t swallow anything, not even a glass of water. The doctors discovered that I had a tumor the size of an egg in my esophagus. I came to see Dr. Matthew Steliga, and he said that he could fix me. He was right.

I had 25 rounds of radiation, spent two weeks in the hospital receiving inpatient chemo and had surgery. I had a feeding tube and went from weighing 198 lbs. all the way down to 118 lbs.

Now, I’m in remission. It was hard, but you’ve just to be ready to fight it. An older person might just want to give up, but you’ve got to fight.

I have 12 grandkids and one on the way. Now I can be there for them.

I hope someone can get some hope from my story.”

Larry Cheney
Esophageal and colon cancer survivor
Marion, Ark.