November 21, 2011

Lisa Screeton | Breast Cancer Survivor

Lisa Screeton Breast cancer survivor
“The quality of the staff and the physicians, amount of research performed and the number of accolades UAMS receives on the national and international level give patients a sense of confidence.

When you are treated at UAMS, you know the treatment you are receiving is the very best available and that helps put you at ease. That feeling allows you to focus on beating cancer.

My mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease shortly after I was diagnosed with cancer. I am so thankful because I was surrounded by friends and supportive people during that difficult time. They helped save me.

I would encourage anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer to ask questions. There are never any stupid questions, so don’t be afraid to ask. I want people to know there are resources, support and other services available to you beyond what you can imagine.

Most importantly, don’t let a day pass where you have a worry because there is someone out there who is waiting to help you. There are people out there who will hold your hand and provide you with the information you need.”

Lisa Screeton
Breast cancer survivor
Cabot, Ark.