January 23, 2012

Paula Rogers | Breast Cancer Survivor

Paula Rogers Breast Cancer Survivor
“I learned the true meaning of love when I was diagnosed with cancer. I received prayers and cards from all over the world, many from people that I had never met before. Those kind thoughts and prayers were a source of strength and comfort during my cancer treatment.

My daughter and close girlfriends were also great sources of encouragement and strength. My daughter was there with me for every step of the journey. She was there at all my appointments and took great care of me.

I remember calling Dr. Makhoul every time I sneezed or had a cold because I thought it was a symptom of the cancer. One day he told me, ‘Sometimes a cold is just a cold. You have to stop worrying so much. You can’t continue to live this way because you will make yourself sicker worrying so much.’ Those words really helped me put things into prospective.

“I want people who have been diagnosed with cancer to know that cancer is not a death sentence.  Cancer helped me rethink life — how to live better, love greater and give more.”

Paula Rogers
Breast cancer survivor
Little Rock, Ark.