February 8, 2012

Beatrice Young | T-cell Lymphoma Survivor

T-cell lymphoma survivor
“I’ve always had sensitive skin, and my skin was so itchy and red that I was seeing a dermatologist. I ended up being diagnosed with T-cell lymphoma in 2002.

My supervisor at work told me to come to UAMS. She said that UAMS trains doctors from all over the country, and that if anyone could help me, they could.

I’ve had chemo and light treatments where UV rays were used to penetrate my skin and kill the cancer cells. Now, I’m finished with my treatment!

I was totally satisfied with everyone I met at UAMS. They were all caring and warm people.

I am the 13th of 16 children in my family. We’re a true family; we have a lot of love. Love is the key to any situation.

When I would have down days, my family would bring me to the clinic, cook for me, clean my house or do whatever I needed.

If you’re diagnosed with cancer, you just need to remember that it’s part of life. Don’t be dismayed and don’t give up on yourself. You might not look as beautiful as you once did on the outside, but you are still beautiful on the inside.

What people really need is hope, and to remember that nothing is too hard for God.”

Beatrice Young
T-cell lymphoma survivor
Little Rock, Ark.