March 29, 2012

Kenneth Smith | Squamous Cell Carcinoma Survivor

Kenneth Smith
“Because of the treatment I received at UAMS, I can look forward to seeing my kids grow up.

I was referred to UAMS by another doctor, and that was the best thing that could have happened. Dr. Vural is a wonderful doctor and provided me with excellent care.

It’s important for cancer patients to make nutrition their first priority. Making yourself eat and drink is not always easy. Some of the medications make swallowing really painful, but you have to keep your body nourished so that you can fight the cancer.

I was lucky because my friend, Ron, survived the same cancer and let me know what to expect and how to get through my treatments. He was really there for me through it all.

Now that my cancer is gone, I try to spend every moment I have with my kids because at one time I wasn’t sure if I would always be here with them.”

Kenneth Smith
Squamous cell carcinoma survivor
Greers Ferry, Ark.