April 17, 2012

Chris Bundy | Squamous Cell Carcinoma Survivor

Chris Bundy Squamous cell carcinoma survivor
“I lived in Jonesboro in 2006 when I started having ear pain and a persistent sore throat. Doctors told me that I had TMJ and other conditions. My sore throat kept getting worse, so I went to a different doctor. He used a scope and discovered that I had stage 4 squamous cell carcinoma on the base of my tongue. I had been misdiagnosed for about a year. I was 38-years-old at the time.

I was referred to the UAMS Cancer Institute and was admitted to the hospital for three days starting on Dec. 31, 2006. Within a couple of days, I was back in the hospital and stayed for more than 20 days total. In all, I had 11 chemo treatments and 30 radiation treatments and was on a very successful clinical trial. I had great nurses and a great team with Dr. Maddox, Dr. Stack and Dr. Pena.

Today I am cancer free. I want people to know that cancer is not a death sentence. Treatment has come so far and doctors can do a lot more healing now than ever before.

My experience with cancer was a spiritual thing. There were so many blessings that I received. I had no idea how many people cared about me.

I was on prayer lists where thousands of people were praying for me. While I wouldn’t want to go through that experience again, I don’t know if I would turn back the clock and change anything, because I wouldn’t want to miss all of those blessings.

I was determined to make it so I could show all of the people who cared about me that I could do it. I would tell anyone who is going through cancer not to get so wrapped up in their own experience that they miss the blessings that are going on around them.”

Chris Bundy
Squamous cell carcinoma survivor
West Memphis, Ark.