April 4, 2012

Evelyn Parker | Lung and Throat Cancer Survivor

Evelyn Parker Lung and throat cancer survivor
“I want to thank every single person who took the time to pray for me throughout my journey.

When I was diagnosed with cancer, I immediately was able to start appreciating everyone and everything in my life. I didn’t let the cancer change me. I tried to live my life the way I did before cancer.

My family was there for me every time I needed them. When I was hospitalized my husband were always right by my side and never left. My nurses wanted to swap husbands because he was so supportive and comforting.

I think I received the best possible treatment at UAMS. My doctors worked together to make sure I got the best. My doctors really made me feel like they would do whatever they had to get me better. I couldn’t have found a better place if I tried.”

Evelyn Parker
Lung and throat cancer survivor
Brinkley, Ark.