August 10, 2012

Donald Hall Jr. | Tonsil Cancer Survivor

“I went to bed one night and woke up choking. I went to my primary care physician and she saw something in the back of my throat that she had never noticed before. She thought maybe something was going on with my adenoids, so she sent me to a local hospital.

They wanted to do surgery, but it never worked out. I got tired of going through that and asked my doctor to send me somewhere else. She referred me to Dr. Vural at UAMS. What he did was totally different. He did a biopsy right on the spot and then asked me to come back to remove a larger piece. That’s when he knew it was cancer. That was in early 2006.

Dr. Vural said that surgery would have been very risky because the cancer was located right on a nerve. He said that if I followed his plan of chemo and radiation everything would be fine, and here it is six years later. I came here for a checkup today and was released from care.

People who have been diagnosed with cancer need to listen to their physician, follow their instructions and take their medicine. And just keep praying and keeping God first. That’s what I did.

The more I listened, the easier it was for me. There’s always someone for you to draw strength from, whether it’s your fellow patients, your family or the staff.

Even though many times you may feel like you’re alone, you are not alone. God is always with you and there are other people around you going through the same thing. Just keep pushing forward and it will be OK.”

Donald Hall Jr.
Tonsil cancer survivor
Sherwood, Ark.