August 22, 2012

Jeffrey Knight | Sinus Cancer Survivor

“I was diagnosed for the first time in 2004 and underwent surgery and radiation. I came back for a checkup in 2007 and found out the cancer had returned. This time I had to have radical surgery.

All of my MRIs are stable now, and I’m cancer free.

I have always had full confidence in Dr. Vural. He treated me as good as I’ve ever been treated, either as a patient or a person.

I tell people that this has been the longest shortest five years of my life. The first couple years, I was  at UAMS every three months. Then the appointments started coming further apart, and before I knew it five years had passed.

I’m tickled to death that I’m doing as well as I am after all I’ve been through.”

Jeffrey Knight
Sinus cancer survivor
West Fork, Ark.