September 24, 2012

Anita Fleckenstine | Fallopian Tube Cancer Survivor

“I was having some symptoms like bloating that are similar to ovarian cancer. I ended up having gall bladder surgery and that’s when the doctor discovered that I had stage 4 cancer of the fallopian tubes.

I had surgery with Dr. Pam Stone, who is no longer at UAMS. Now I see Dr. Sandy Burnett and I really like him. I finished chemo in August. I absolutely love all the chemo nurses! They were great!

When you’re diagnosed with cancer you just have to keep laughing, keep a smile on your face and keep your combat boots on. My friends and family never let me take my combat boots off. I wore them the whole time.”

Anita Fleckenstine
Fallopian tube cancer survivor
North Little Rock, Ark.