November 20, 2012

Bob Mills | Multiple Myeloma Survivor

“This is the only place you need to go if you are diagnosed with myeloma. I’ve met people from several states and countries since I started coming here in June 2010.

I was 56 years old when I was diagnosed and had worked for the past 40 years. I could count on one hand the number of workdays I had missed due to illness during all those years. Then I ended up with nine compression fractures in my spine and lost six inches of height and 50 pounds in two months.

This experience definitely makes you appreciate what you have. It gives you a glimpse into your own mortality, which is something that lots of people don’t take the time to consider. When you realize this could be all you get, it makes you think about it.

We are definitely grateful.”

Bob Mills
Multiple myeloma survivor
Viola, Ark.