November 29, 2012

Paula Campa | Multiple Myeloma Survivor

In Dec 2010, I really didn’t know what kind of cancer I had. I only knew I was in terrible back pain and had little if any desire to get up out of bed. If it was not for my husband and children, I probably would’ve accepted a more conservative treatment to controlling this awfully deceptive form of cancer. I accepted so many different treatments from radiation, to back surgery.

I just wasn’t getting any better and believed I might just be crazy. My family pushed me to search on the internet and find someone somewhere who knew about multiple myeloma. UAMS came up first on the internet page. Today, as my Doc says, I’m cured. Cured or in remission, I am so blessed to be a patient of UAMS. I am hopeful and happy to see everyone else beating this disease one-day at a time.

May you all be filled with the blessings of the season. And thanks to the wonderful people who dedicate their service to defeating multiple myeloma and cancer for good. My family love you and thank you so much.

Paula Campa