November 8, 2012

Ron Hudson | Head and Neck Cancer Survivor

“Today is graduation day! It’s been five years since I had surgery and radiation for head and neck cancer in my lymph nodes. Today I was released from treatment.

My doctor at the Cancer Institute was Dr. Brendan Stack. If you get an appointment with Dr. Stack, you are in some of the most capable hands possible. I would recommend him to anybody.

I sing in a band named Rebel Heart that performs across western Arkansas and Oklahoma. It was scary not knowing if I would be able to keep singing, but in about three or four months my singing voice came back.

When you’re going through an experience like this, your friends and family are your best support. There’s always someone you can talk to, so you know that you aren’t alone. And you have to remember that you can always put it in God’s hands.”

Submitted Story:
I was diagnosed with cancer in 2007.  What I originally thought to be extreme tonsilitis or maybe mumps turned out to be an eye opener. It turned out to be cancer and had already progressed to stage 3.  It was originally thought to be in my tonsils, but it was in my lymph nodes in my neck. My surgeon was Dr. Stack, who was a major help all the way through this journey. The one thing this journey has taught me it is that you never appreciate a cause or the organization backing it until you go through the reason for it yourself. God bless Dr Stack, all the staff at UAMS and all others battling this monster called cancer.

Ron Hudson
Head and neck cancer survivor
Belleville, Ark.