December 10, 2012

Sammy Compton | Oral Cancer Survivor

Sammy Compton is a Stage 4 oral cancer survivor who uses a Dynavox speech-generating device to communicate. This is his story as shared by him and his wife, Vicky.

“Sammy was diagnosed with Stage 4 oral cancer in June 2007. He underwent chemo and radiation. He lost his ability to speak and was one of the first patients at UAMS to receive a Dynavox communication device about two years ago.

The device has been great and has given him a lot more independence. He can preprogram commonly used words or phrases into it or type what he wants to say. The device speaks the words for him.

We’ve been blessed by everybody at UAMS. Sammy has been a patient of Dr. Vural the whole time, and he has been wonderful. I would tell anyone diagnosed with cancer to come to UAMS.

Today, Sammy was released from treatment. We won’t be back unless someone tells us we have to. A lot of prayers got us through this. Put your trust in God.”

Sammy Compton
Oral cancer survivor
North Little Rock, Ark.