March 21, 2013

Jeff Kriezelman | Multiple Myeloma Survivor

“Having cancer brought me closer to my family. The value of everything changed. I see that life is fragile, just hanging by a thread. Friends and family will stay the most valuable things in my life.

The Jewish community back at home was so supportive. I had people from home fly down to Arkansas for three days during my treatment to mourn with me during my mother’s death.

The other patients I met during my time here are the best to talk to. They are in the same position as you and understand how bad it can be at times.

The doctors and nurses at UAMS made me believe that I could be healed and that I would be healed. I was told if I followed the steps provided, my treatment would be easier. I wasn’t a number; I was a friend.

The value of strength will never be lost to me. The value of good health and a positive attitude is worth more to me than gold.”

Jeff  Kriezelman
Multiple myeloma survivor
Winnetka, Ill.