June 11, 2013

Donald Blaylock | Multiple Myeloma Survivor

“I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in December 1998. Myeloma, for me, was a total game changer. All of my priorities changed. Some became more in focus, while others started to fade away in importance. It will forever cause me to be even more deeply involved in the things I believe are most important in life.

I received an outpouring of love and prayers from my family and friends, which was a great comfort to me. Not to mention that UAMS is the best place for treatment, care and healing. My medical team was led by my physician, Dr. Bart Barlogie.

Before coming to UAMS, we were advised that it had the world’s best track record for treatment of multiple myeloma. We learned during the course of my treatment that it really is true. Everyone here is totally dedicated to patient care and recovery. We are so thankful to the staff, nurses and others for the care I received.

I would tell someone who has just been diagnosed with cancer that there is healing and there is hope. Seek the best care you can get and follow your doctor’s orders. Believe in the healing power of love. I thought it would never be me. Once I accepted the idea that this was happening, then I could overcome it.

Now I’m ready to spend time with my family, to travel abroad, to volunteer for my church, and to be a beacon of hope for others going through this same thing.”

Donald Blaylock
Multiple myeloma survivor
Winfield, Ala.