September 26, 2013

M. Walter Levine | Cancer Survivor

“In life, you have three families: the family you are born into, the family you make and the family you work with. Being a part of the myeloma clinic’s family, I felt included and loved. I want them to know that they also are loved.

There’s no greater feeling than seeing my family in the clinic and sharing love with the people I was treated with, treated by and healed with.

This experience has shown me that I am able to beat anything. It has become my life’s goal to help others. I wrote a book titled “How Can I Help You?” to pass along my outlook to others. Remember that your attitude is everything!

I want to help others keep a positive attitude, show them how to hope and show them how to win!

The most significant moment in my treatment was when I was told I was cancer free. I am grateful to my UAMS family. They will always be in my heart.”

M. Walter Levine
Multiple myeloma, melanoma and bladder cancer survivor
Fairfield, Conn.