January 7, 2014

Cancer by Seymour Berger

Cancer will be the word of the past
Our researchers will find a cure that will last
Never give up any hope, always look ahead
Things that are changing is going to make cancer dead
Countless of people with this horrible disease
For the light that cast upon them, they shall be please
Never think for a second your life is over
Your life is, in the hands of the beholder
For the scientist are like an instrument in God’s hands
They have a gift to make everyone well as it stands
To make them healthy from this aliment
In all the time they have spent
They will develop a miracle pill
No matter what stage you’re in, it will kill
Don’t get discourage, have faith
You will see it’s worth the wait
Your doctor will call and say it’s here
That miracle pill has arrived that will make cancer disappear
I dedicate this poem to everyone who has cancer, don’t become sadden
Many are cured you’re next and it will happen
My wife has lung cancer, no matter what the doctor, may say
Reading different articles the cure for all cancers its on its way
Never give up and say you’re done
Have faith always you will be the happy winning one