March 25, 2014

Milton White | Sarcoma Survivor

“Finding out I had cancer was an about face and real shock. Even though I have had it for five years, things have gotten easier as I got better. I still had bad days, but even they were much easier over time.

My family and friends were there with me in the waiting room and at home, but the doctors and nurses were my family during treatments and appointments. They loved me and encouraged me to keep going. You’ve got to keep the faith and find something that keeps you going through your hard times.

There were so many doctors and nurses from my floor who came to my Seed of Hope ceremony. Even people from the research labs come down to celebrate with me. These are people who, whether I saw them or not, have been helping me get better. Thank you for what you do.”

Milton White
Sarcoma survivor
Little Rock, Ark.