March 10, 2014

Tom Seliga | Squamous Cell Carcinoma Survivor

“I had heart surgery on Dec. 24, 2008, and they found the cancer at about the same time. Dr. James Suen performed a radical neck dissection at UAMS in April 2009. Then I followed up with chemo and radiation at Highlands Oncology Group in Rogers, which is closer to my home.

We were never able to determine where the cancer started, but my treatment successfully got rid of it. Today was my five-year checkup. From now on, I only have to come back once a year.

When you’re facing cancer treatment, always take someone with you to your appointments, write everything down and keep asking questions. Dr. Suen was a great doctor and worked in unison with the doctors at Highlands and my original doctor in Chicago.

My wife and I are now looking forward to spending time with our grandkids and enjoying retirement.”

Tom Seliga
Squamous cell carcinoma survivor
Bentonville, Ark.