March 13, 2014

Valerie Kane | Multiple Myeloma Survivor

“When I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in March 2008, my local oncologist recommended that I come to UAMS for treatment. I’ve been in remission since a few months after I arrived.

Over the years, I’ve met people who started treatment elsewhere and were told that nothing else could be done. Then they came here. This is the place to find hope.

When I come back for my annual visits, I recognize people in the clinic and they recognize me. This is my clinic. It’s very personal for me.

When you’re diagnosed with cancer, you’re frightened. It’s like you’ve been hit by a Mac truck. However, there is hope. This is the place to come. Not only are they are devoted to the most advanced treatment for myeloma, they are dedicated to making you well in mind, body and spirit.”

Valerie Kane
Multiple myeloma survivor
Prospect, Ky.