April 23, 2014

Alberta Orlove | Throat Cancer Survivor

“I was diagnosed with throat cancer in October 2008. My physician, Dr. Brendan Stack, and my nurse practitioner, Mary Ann Horn, were both compassionate and wonderful. I also got a lot of support from my best friend.

Having cancer has made me value the moments in my life more intensely. I take time for sunrises and sunsets. I’m calmer now in how I deal with problems, and I take time to do the things that really matter.

I would want anyone who is newly diagnosed to know that UAMS has specialists in each area. They talk to other specialists for their opinions and make sure that the care you are given is the best.

I look forward to staying cancer free. I want to be an inspiration to my friends. I know my life is more than my cancer.

Just remember, when you are at your lowest, you are more than cancer. You can’t let it define you. You have a life outside of this, and when you beat it you will have more great things to do.”

Alberta Orlove
Throat cancer survivor
Yellville, Ark.