May 15, 2014

Tammy Green | Cervical Cancer Survivor

I think March of 2013 changed not only myself but every person who is in my life. It was not that moment when I heard I had cancer that totally shocked me,and I hear a lot of people say hearing those words were probably the worst day of their lives. It was undeniably without any doubt my daughter, Haley, and the tears of fear.

It is a disease that will affect everyone. They are going through the process of acceptance of this as well as the one who has the cancer. I will be the first to say that it is the worst thing that I have been through, but it’s not something I would change if I could. The truth is I have the most incredible and caring people all around me. I believe that God is not the one who gave me cancer. I believe He can and will make everything that seemed so bad into something I actually think is magical .

When we do what is right and kind, all the love and care that we all need shines through. I learned to be the best person I know that I am. I think I could not have had better doctors. I am so sad that Dr. Rebecca Stone left. I can say that she was such an amazing and incredible doctor. I don’t think that she was ever not there when I needed any help.

Then there is Dr . Matthew Hardee, and he is just as amazing as Dr. Stone. Happy he is not leaving. The nurses are awesome, and special thanks to Becky. I was inspired by her when I was in radiation. I’m never going to forget the long hours she was holding my hand … and I am talking long hours. Wonderful doctors and nurses work in the Radiation Oncology Center. Every single person who is in that department is wonderful, even the security guard. It is the only place I would want to go for radiation . Thanks to everyone there. You made it so much easier for me.

You have to be the one who is heard. If you’re not being heard, find the best doctor and you will know because you are confident in your heart. I’m praying for all of us in our battle with cancer. Be positive and look at the love that you are being showered with. Everything is going to be OK.

Tammy Green
Cervical Cancer Survivor