June 17, 2014

Jeannie Adams | Lung Cancer Survivor

“Having lung cancer made me realize the importance of the simple things in life and how often I took them for granted. This experience has changed me forever and in every way. My eyes are opened to the things that truly matter, and the things used to matter have started to mean less and less.

Whatever happens to us, we can fight to make ourselves stronger. Attitude is a huge part of the battle. Treatment has its peaks and valleys, but I never had a bad day because my support system kept my spirits up and my attitude positive. Keeping my focus on the good things helped me through each day.

The staff at UAMS was an awesome support. My husband was there for me each day, being a positive influence on me.

Now, I’m looking for ways to help other people stay focused on the positive, just as was done for me.”

Jeannie Adams
Lung cancer survivor
North Little Rock, Ark.