June 2, 2014

RL Gates | Colorectal Cancer Survivor


“If I knew someone else who was diagnosed with cancer, I would tell them to come to UAMS and to trust their doctor. I was diagnosed with colorectal cancer five years ago and have been a patient of Dr. Laryea. My nurses and my doctor are my friends and family.

You never know what you will go through, and you don’t know what others may be going through. Treat yourself and everyone with respect.

I take everything day by day. Trusting in the Lord has helped me get through the hardest times.

Now that I’m cancer free, I plan on teaching my grandkids and great grandkids how to hunt.  Nothing beats family values, and I am going to spend all the time I have left with them.

Tossing the Seed of Hope was a wonderful experience. I can’t express in words how that felt. Having everyone come down from the clinic and the volunteer office to celebrate with me was touching. So many people came down to see me and make sure today was special. The whole of UAMS was so great to me.”

RL Gates
Colorectal cancer survivor
Warren, Ark.