April 6, 2015

Daphne Taylor | Brain cancer

Brain cancer survivor Daphne Taylor (left) with her mom and sister.

“I have been through four years of treatment for brain cancer. Today was my last day of radiation! When I woke up this morning I was so happy. I woke up my mom so we could leave early, and I brought four stuffed animals with me.

We live in Atkins, but we had to come to Little Rock about 28 days a month for my radiation treatment. My treatments only lasted 15 minutes, but the trip was 90 minutes each way.

My family definitely gave me lots of support. I also got support from God, my friends, my school and my boyfriend. He kept telling me to keep on fighting and asking me how many more treatments I had.

The social workers really helped me, especially Carrie Calhoon. She is really nice.

My mom took really good care of me. I’ve always appreciated my mom, even though I may not have shown it. I appreciate her more and more each day.

Before I left the Radiation Oncology Center, the staff gave me a new pair of shoes, a Sponge Bob balloon that they all signed, and some cupcakes.

I’m really excited because now I’m going to get a new puppy! And I’m going to wear my radiation mask as my Halloween costume! I’m happy to be alive!”

Daphne Taylor
Atkins, Ark.
Brain cancer