April 30, 2015

Henry Hauck | B cell MALT lymphoma survivor

“I haven’t felt this good in six years. Cancer has given me an appreciation for life in general. I don’t take things for granted.

I teach chemistry at the University of New Orleans and had a student in my classes for five years in a row, which never happens. One day she asked how I was doing because she knew I had been sick. We talked about my condition, and she said her father was a doctor at UAMS in Little Rock and that I should see him. I had an appointment the very next week.

The facility, nurses, family atmosphere and treatment are special.  We feel like part of a family.

When you’re diagnosed with cancer, you have to maintain hope and a good attitude. Focus on things unrelated to your treatment. There have been huge advances in medicine, and every year they get closer and closer to a cure.

I’m looking forward now to having the energy to play basketball and baseball with my grandkids, traveling, gardening and eating.”

Henry Hauck
B cell and MALT lymphoma survivor
Destrehan, La.