December 15, 2015

Mitchell Massaconi | Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in May of 1973. I received 2 weeks of cobalt radiation from the mid-diaphram up. It did not work, a node grew within days after the daily 2 weeks. They put me on an experimental chemo protocol which consisted of one treatment for 6 months. It will be 43yrs. this coming May. I am 68yrs old an I am so grateful for this amazing life I have been given.

The first morning in the hospital, I had my blood taken by this Beautiful Med. Tech.. She not only took my blood, she took my Heart, we just celebrated our 38th Anniversary this past Oct.. If I never had my cancer, I would never have met my Beautiful wife, Rose!!

In 2000, I have Aortic Valve Replacement (St. Jude’s Valve). In 2011, I had triple bypass surgery. I have slowed down a little, but I am madly in love with Rose!! God Is Good!!