January 13, 2016

John McCray | Colorectal cancer survivor

“We traveled back and forth three hours from home for treatment at UAMS. At first, we were scared, but once we came here and knew we could have confidence in our doctors, all our fears were lifted. The trip didn’t seem so long anymore since we were coming to a place where the people held us in their hands.

They say you should start getting colonoscopies at age 50, but I was diagnosed at 48. If you’re having problems, don’t wait until you’re 50. No one knows how far my cancer would have progressed in that time.

Everyone we came in contact with at the Cancer Institute was a jewel. They were compassionate and made us believe we weren’t in this alone. I thank all my doctors and nurses and appreciate everything they did.

I had a strong support system praying for me. When prayers go up, blessings come down. I went through surgeries, radiation, chemo and complications, but God had me in his hands. Now I look forward to getting back to work and being thankful every day.”

John McCray
Colorectal cancer survivor
Blytheville, Ark.