March 2, 2016

Betty Fortner | Fallopian Tube and Ovarian Cancer Survivor

A Celebration of Life and Hope

“About two years ago, I participated in a voluntary screening at my annual mammogram and was found to have the BRCA1 gene mutation, which increases my risk for developing breast, ovarian and other types of cancer. I wanted to discuss my options with a gynecologic oncologist and made an appointment with Dr. Kristin Zorn. With her guidance, I opted for a preventative hysterectomy. During the surgery, Dr. Zorn discovered cancer in my fallopian tubes and ovaries.

Since then, I’ve encouraged my family to have genetic testing so they can make informed decisions about their future health. Both women and men can pass the gene to their children. Six of my brothers have been tested, so their daughters and granddaughters will know if they might also be carriers.

Undergoing genetic testing is a personal choice, but I want everyone to know there is a reason to have hope. The choices you make are your own, and knowledge can help you make the best decisions for yourself.”

Betty Fortner
Fallopian Tube and Ovarian Cancer Survivor
With Gynecologic Oncologist Kristin Zorn, M.D.