March 4, 2016

Kenneth Preston | Multiple myeloma survivor

“This started during a checkup with my doctor in Fort Smith. He sent me to an oncologist who confirmed I had cancer and needed to come to UAMS.

When we walked into the Cancer Institute, it was the biggest place in the world. We were scared and lonely, and we felt like the only sick people in the world.

Then we began to meet some of the nicest people. We gradually began to feel like we owned the place. We started to see that everyone else is like us, and we are like them.

My treatment involved coming to Little Rock, for a month and then going home for a month. It think we did that five times. Now I’m in complete remission. There’s no sign of the cancer in my bone marrow, and there’s no damage to my bones. The key was catching it early, doing the intense treatment and following the regimen.”

Kenneth Preston
Multiple myeloma survivor
Alma, Ark.