March 15, 2016

Myeloma Awareness Month Upcoming Activities

captain americaSt. Patrick’s Day Bake Sale to benefit Patient Support

Sponsored by Myeloma Center Social Work Dept.
Thursday, March 17th
Myeloma Center Clinic and F7 Inpatient Unit

Fighting for a Cure with Captain America

Yoga, refreshments, and more!
Sponsored by Infusion 4
Tuesday, March 29th
Cancer Institute 4th Floor, Infusion 4

MARCHing for a Cure Entertainment Showcase

(with light refreshments)
Sponsored by F7 Inpatient Unit
Wednesday, March 30th, 1pm-3pm
Cancer Institute 10th Floor, Walton Auditorium

Survivorship Care for Multiple Myeloma Patients and Caregivers Presentation

(with Light Dinner)
Thursday, March 31st, 5pm
Cancer Institute10th Floor, Betsy Blass Boardroom