April 25, 2016

John Huens | Chondrosarcoma

“Having cancer was an eye opening experience. My course in life was altered severely after I had surgery to remove the cancer. I was no longer able to walk or work. Even through all of that I slowly realized that I was becoming an optimist about my situation. I have learned to find my own inner peace.

Don’t feel hopeless about having cancer. This isn’t the end. Push forward no matter what kind of road you end up on. Don’t say ‘can’t,’ because this can be overcome!

I’m a more thankful person now. I could have nothing, but instead I have my life.

I am headed to Iceland this summer to drive 800 miles on Ring road, the highway that goes around the entire island.

I am hopeful for others to make it through this experience, albeit on a different path. The destination is the same, and I know your path of remission can be traveled. I did it. You can too.”

John Huens
Springdale, Ark.