April 1, 2016

Kenny Hall | Leukemia Survivor

A Celebration of Life and Hope

“Cancer forces you to put life in its proper perspective. During my extended hospital stays for chemo and a stem cell transplant, I decided I could either lie in bed and worry or I could embrace the fact that I was alive and had things to enjoy, even in that hospital room. Choosing to enjoy life and rely on my faith gave me a sense of peace.

Although Dr. Emanuel manages my ongoing medical care, I had to go out of state for my transplant. I was gone for months from my home and family. That’s why I’m happy to know the Cancer Institute has started its own allogeneic stem cell transplant program. Having this program in Arkansas will let people stay close to home, reducing their stress and financial burden.”

Kenny Hall
Leukemia Survivor
With Hematologist Oncologist Peter Emanuel, M.D.