June 1, 2016

Mary R. Hunt | Breast Cancer Survivor

Mary R. Hunt Breast Cancer SurvivorCelebrating Life & Hope

“I grew up as one of five sisters and two brothers in a very close-knit family. We have a strong faith and get tremendous support from our church and each other.

Over the years, each of my sisters and I have been diagnosed with breast cancer. We lost our youngest sister a few years ago, shortly after she earned her doctorate degree. I have personally undergone treatment more than once, but I hope that with the Lord’s help I won’t have to go through it again.

Dr. Hutchins has been a blessing. She believes in the power of healing and moving forward. With her support and the Lord’s strength, I’m going to be fine.”

Mary R. Hunt
Breast Cancer Survivor
With Hematologist/Oncologist Laura Hutchins, M.D.