July 12, 2016

Pat Longinotti | Throat cancer survivor

“Since being diagnosed with throat cancer in 2011, I have become a more positive person. I am trying to stay that way. I know life is a miracle, and our lives are important.

I was the first person to have transoral robotic surgery by Dr. Vural here at UAMS. It was not as invasive as the typical surgery required for my situation. I was up and working again within a week of my surgery.

When all of this started, my daughter was an advanced practice nurse in the Myeloma Clinic at UAMS. Having her around made all the difference.

The first thing I would tell anyone diagnosed with cancer is to come to UAMS. They have a fantastic staff focused on your care.

Second, follow your doctor’s advice. Stop using tobacco products. Stay strong. I promise the doctors will do the best they can for you, just like they did for me.

Now that I’m five years cancer free, I enjoy doing what I like to do. I’m soaking up all the time I can with my grandkids, and I put value in the efforts I see other people making.

I’m very fulfilled and proud of myself for not giving up. I’m also proud of the UAMS staff who wouldn’t give up on me either.”

Pat Longinotti
Throat cancer survivor
Bryant, Ark.